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Thursday, November 22, 2007


temperature: 10-7 deg. C
target zone: 155-
time in the target zone: 30'10"
intermediate time: -
total time: 81'50"
maximum HR: 164
distance: 16.7 km
starting hour: 15:20

I have set a wrong target zone: it should be 150-. Since the heart is now well trained, the HR threshold must be lower.
I can no longer run in the usual area. In the later months, motortrucks or their tracks are everywhere. It is incredible how the terrain was transformed by these monsters: their tracks are, in fact, rivers of mud. Today, the running was interrupted many times because of them.
But I insist: the biggest problem in Romania are the people, not the motortrucks, and unfortunately, they will not change in the near future, that is why I have to leave one day. Until then, I will completely change the zone, hence the route. Today, at one moment I hooked a hidden wire with one foot: I could easily get serious injuries by falling. It clearly became perilous to run there.


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