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Saturday, November 03, 2007

When intellectuals become foolish

Interesting article in Cotidianul. I will try to motivate you to read it by this quote:
"Aron says that, along/by centuries, the thinkers and artists did not differ too much from clericals; they had, as the latter, the function of maintaining and commenting the faith in church and that of the city/community. With the secularization tendency and the disappearance of patrons, the intellectuals earn their freedom, as they lose their financial assistance (wealth)".

I would say that the most insidious ideology is that which proclaims the disappearance of ideologies. Because it makes us indulgent/uncritical to those that remain, and which are very prosperous nowadays: for instance, in Romania, the secularization is in a strange process of withdrawing, and saying that with the resounding failure of communism and its ugly ideology we are away from ideologies is a big mistake. Because religion is an ideology too -- a hypocrite loving-kindness --, and because almost all respectable intellectuals in this country are orthodox loving: a representative being a former talented physicist tells us that the science could be theologically founded -- I am pretty sure that this could not happen in west.
As I have already said in other recent posts, religion is an ideology without an epistemological anchor, and that is why it is not reliable for a scientific mind.
Remember, the physics is also an ideology -- indeed, because it proves nothing --, but it is one of a kind: because, unlike most of other ideologies, it constantly improves itself.


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