Science is the best thing we can do. And I think it is better for men to seek order in a chaotic manner instead to study chaos in an orderly fashion.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

pleasant drift

Let's say that the drift is pleasant now, as the calm dusk of a day with changing weather: yet, in the recent days I could not think the same.
I would try to return with more consistent articles, but I somewhat lost my concentration: as you could notice, my aim now is to write them in English, and this is a little difficult: I have not too much time to go into a literary English and this annoys me a little. At least, there is one good thing here: I have to be more concise.
It should follow some trials in Spanish, Swedish, and German, perhaps even in Japanese: it is not only a joke. With the Japanese language I struggled last year when I had to translate a documentation.

Concerning the mathematical models, I am looking for a way out of this entanglement... being a little upset, like always when I discover that a path is stopped.


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