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Friday, October 19, 2007

remote administration

Yesterday I worked around on a thing related to remote administration. Windows Vista could be very stubborn in its security policies.
Free version of RealVNC doesn't work as quick as one could might expect on Vista. But when you have about 150 computers to administrate, and your manager does not have the money to buy the Enterprise version (which is quite pricey), if you don't want to run around for people whose most important issues are those related to MsWord, you have to look for a solution. It is not the running (wrong) -- remember, running is good for health :-), it is the time wasted this way.
I have now an acceptable solution: the idea is to combine some ideas found in some good sites. You must keep in mind that it's not a good idea to permanently disable Microsoft Defender, especially because of people who really need this kind of (tight) control. About the first VNC installing settings (if you want to have no black screen, no port or connection error, a.s.o.) you may want to read these links:
no black screen
no other errors

But in order to succeed, you have to:
1. install VNC such that it could run at startup without a system prompting for your consent -- the programs that require your consent at startup are blocked by the system;
2. learn how to disable UAC (user account control service) which at the prompting for consent it interrupts any communication, and hence your VNC one.

Key links are these:
installing VNC
disabling UAC

Clue: use as event with an ID the starting/stopping the vnc service and of course, the Windows Task Scheduler.

Good luck!


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