Science is the best thing we can do. And I think it is better for men to seek order in a chaotic manner instead to study chaos in an orderly fashion.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Life is a long run, and I love it as it is, in its misery or its greatness...

I like people, but I truly love some of them: for instance, I like Romanians, but I love Swedish people. I like ordinary people, but I love scientists. I love science and because of that only, I accept life as it is, even if I would leave it on my own will (one day).

Of course that remarkable equations have something of the true beauty of the most beautiful women, since so many fine and brave men looked for them and spent a lot of time and many lives with them: unlike women, the equations are immortal and very powerful beings, almost like the goddesses from ancient times. This does not mean that women do not deserve our true love: I would say even that some of them deserve our love all the more so.

I look for and make science as well as my gifts allow it, but I have to be honest: indeed, though I wish to make a breakthrough, I admit that making science is the only balanced way of living for me in this strange world. So, even if I want to discover something remarkable about this world, I make science mainly because I love so much the truth: truth is the most beautiful goddess and I simply cannot stop searching for her. So, even the goddess of truth could ruin me, I will continue to look for her. Yet, there are many years since I feel like Nala who lost his kingdom by gambling (see the beautiful love poem Nala and Damayanti of Mahābhārata) , that is playing dice with his brother... Sometimes I feel like I have already lost the battle, but then I think even Nala regained his kingdom and eventually his wife in the same manner, by gambling: so, though, like Einstein, I do not like the thought that the goddess of truth plays dice, if I really need to play dice to discover order and to reach her, then I am prepared to do so.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jag undrar nu om vi kan prata om dina webbplatser statistik - sökvolym, etc, jag försöker webbplatser jag kan köpa adspace igenom - låt mig veta om vi kan prata om prissättning och whatnot. Cheers mate du gör ett bra jobb ändå.

30 April, 2011 23:59

Blogger R.A.Muresan said...

Dear guest,

Unfortunately I do not speak Swedish language, even I would like very much to speak it. So, my answer is in English.
This site was not thought to gain traffic: neither for high traffic, nor for an average one. Notes are eclectic and apparently not very systematic, and the most of them are made in Romanian language.
So, the statistics of my blog is negligible since this is a blog for my free notes on epistemology, science, religion and sometimes on my sports approaches.
Perhaps are few people a week who visit the blog and very few of them do this regularly.
Thank you for your appreciations.

01 May, 2011 08:23


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