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Thursday, November 08, 2007

running - in a beautiful day of a late autumn

temperature: 7.5-8 deg. C
target zone: 155-
time in the target zone: 63'
intermediate time: 38'39"
total time: 64'02"
maximum HR: 176
distance: 12.7 km
starting hour: 15:00

So, after a month and a week of rest, today I went for a run. It was not difficult: in fact, the total time was around 73 minutes because I had first a 9 minutes run -- about 2 extra kilometers -- for warming up. In the first minute of running the pulse was over 155, and after other 2 minutes was around 175.
As I was expected, since the heart is the first organ that loses its fitness, the HR was almost all the running around 170 -- normally is somewhere around 155. My ankle was fine in the first part, but on the final portion I felt something there. Now I feel a vague pain but I will treat it with an anti-inflammatory (with ketoprofenum, for instance).
The heart is a very versatile organ because it is also the first that reaches its fitness: after a week or so, I expect that the pulse will be in the normal range. Still, I have to be careful with the ankle, because if it still hurts at the following running (it will be on this Saturday), I should prolong the recovery period.
In this moment, that is two hours after running, at rest, my pulse is around 95 -- normally, after the same effort is 65-70, and when I am very well trained, around 60 and below.

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