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Saturday, November 24, 2007

running in a new area

temperature: 0 - 2 deg. C
target zone: 150-
time in the target zone: 66'04"
intermediate time: -
total time: 90'00" (warming was made in 12 minutes, thus, the total time was 102')
maximum HR: 160
distance: 18 km (evaluated by approximations, by using Google Earth)
starting hour: 15:40

I started well, on the highway out of town, then I turned left, in the field: running on the grass is almost a mystic experience.
Yet, I finished bad, because I did not turn on the route I came, but another, and eventually I was forced to follow (because I did not know very well where I was, only when it was too late) the same narrow road around the town on which I ran that rainy day. So, at one moment I stepped wrong with the right ankle -- the road is under construction in some places. I could run further because it did not hurt at all. Even today things were fine until I took a walk of 7 kilometers walk. Now I feel pain there when I walk, but I think it is not a serious injury: until the next Thursday when I have to run again things could evolve much better.


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