Science is the best thing we can do. And I think it is better for men to seek order in a chaotic manner instead to study chaos in an orderly fashion.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Continuare la stringuri

Despre pretentiile lui Susskind, Gerard 't Hooft spune:
However, when I hear Lenny say that "this theory is going to win, and physicists who are trying to deny what is going on are going to lose", then to my opinion he is going too far. I have several reasons for advising my friends to practice caution, modesty and restraints when they air their suspicion that this theory "is" the everlasting and complete theory of the Universe. If this theory indeed allows for 10^500 distinct solutions out of which we somehow have to choose—some say it is 10^1000 solutions, nobody really seems to know—then this must be seen as an enormous setback. Less than a decade ago we still hoped that some stability argument could be used to single out the single, " correct" solution; apparently this hope has been abandoned. Now, they are invoking the "anthropic principle", which really means: try all of these solutions until you find a Universe that looks like the world we live in. This is not the way physics has worked for us in the past, and it is not too late to hope that we will be able to find better arguments in the future.


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