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Monday, October 21, 2013

Romania or Victor Ponta

Prime Minister of Romania is not able of doing anything right: he is neither prime minister, nor president, nor prima donna (on TV). An incompetent in all his splendor. Many calm people say that he is a pathological liar, plagiarist or even worse, putschist. Without doubt, as politician, Victor Ponta is nil. I think, the more his extended mandates are prolonged, the higher are the risks that Romania drifts away from its democratic path.
In modernity, we learned that we can call dictator any politician who engage in irrational way too many things that does not master. Violent language and compulsory political behavior are among the first signs. Let us remember: Romanians actually want a godfather, a strong hand, and Victor Ponta's answer could not be better for this command. It is not exaggerated to try a forecast for over ten years. I would say that if Victor Ponta remains in power, given that in 2014 would be elected a President of USL, not only our expectations, but the expectations of every European will be some of the worst. Victor Ponta regime could be more dangerous than Iliescu regime. The reason is simple: when Ion Iliescu was president, he was already old and Romania was part of a bigger and accelerated process of redemocratization: Iliescu was unable to master it. Today we are in full crisis, Victor Ponta is young and very quickly showed us that he knows exactly what needs to be done to destroy democracy in a country. The truly dangerous is not the fact that he knows how to do this, after all, any politician knows, but Victor Ponta showed in some very important points his availability, and even acted accordingly. The ease with which he handled the administrative apparatus in combination with weak civil society opposition are not only confirm the worrisome data that we have. We witness the de- democratization of Romania without having too many means available to oppose: with few exceptions, the media is already subservient power, the parliament is subservient, the presidency has become incapable, justice is about to collapse.

What worries me most is not that I don't see around me people who know what it should be done, but because almost all parts have acted unscrupulously by now: press and USL, the people who voted for politicians without scruples, parliament, opposition. It would seem that we have no rational reason to believe that things will turn for the better.
And yet it was proved that democracy, as a universal mechanism, can shake or sweep the unscrupulous people. Interwar German people did not understand that by antisemitism, they quit the scruples: as a reward, ridden by dictatorship more than a decade, German people were close to be swept away by history, with all their irresponsible politicians.
A modern form of extinction of people is the assimilation, more or less forced: I wonder if it would not be better for Romania to be completely assimilated by the EU. Therefore, I wonder which would be the most appropriate official language to adopt, English, German or French. Personally, I prefer English.

P.S. Even if I do not speak / write English very well, starting today, I 'll post my text here in English. It will probably be an intermediate step in which I write first in Romanian and I will translate into English by a partly automated process. Later, I'll probably write directly in English.


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