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Thursday, November 29, 2007

running - endurance indeed

temperature: 0 - 1 deg. C
target zone: 150-
time in the target zone: 110'00"
total time: 120'00" (warming and cool down included, they were about 11 + 4 minutes)
maximum HR: 167
distance: 21 km (evaluated by approximations, by using Google Earth and a very good Polar product, S625x)
starting hour: 16:15

More than a half of running was made in the dark, that is extra-carefully: of course, that cost me much time. In fact, today I ran about 27 km: Polar pacer needed a calibration.
Today was a day without rain, hence the new area was dusty and the air on the highway was quite polluted. I need a solution for this. I saw a bus in the area and I think I could use it to exit the town when it is necessary. There were also some interruptions: among other difficulties, there is a bushy railway passing.


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