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Saturday, December 01, 2007

running - adaptation to the new surroundings

temperature: 4-5 deg. C
target zone: 150-
time in the target zone: 78'00"
distance in the target zone: 15 km
total time: 100'00" (warming and cool down included, they were about 11' + 12'15" minutes)
maximum HR: 159
distance: 18.1 km (evaluated by approximations, by using Google Earth)
starting hour: 16:10

On the last third of the run it was again dark. The performances are not so good because I am still adapting to the new area. It was also a bad idea to calibrate the pacer before the running. Especially because the calibrating operation is a tedious one, and it takes time and effort -- that is why I started the run so late: the pacer needs two, even three tries because some of them are canceled by the message that says that the 'Calibration Failed'. After that, it would be quite useful to check the result. But I am convinced now that I should try to do this on a day which is not scheduled for run.

The total distance covered on this day is around 22 km.
By bus, it took 50 minutes to come back at home. The other bus that took me outside of town needed only 25 minutes: the problem is that the latter one is running much rare and I cannot stay perspired in the cold waiting for it: after the run I change my t-shirt under the equipment, but is not enough to be safe. I think that it could be useful to purchase a Gore-tex coat: this could be pricey, but I heard that it is the only moisture-proof clothe.


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