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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Catastrofa politica in Romania

La 22 de ani dupa caderea comunismului, mostenitorii comunismului -- e vorba de USL -- cistiga alegerile. Vin vremuri grele pentru toti romanii. Si cind te gindesti ca totul tine de scoala foarte proasta de la noi. In toti anii astia n-am invatat nimic: reformistii au primit intotdeauna putine voturi iar majoritatile lor au fost mereu fragile, iar acum, maria sa poporul s-a suparat si vrea inapoi in comunism, vrea inapoi la jaf, vrea inapoi la o justitie controlata.
Sa votezi in plina criza economica politicieni de stinga, adica oameni care stiu doar sa imparta saracia tine de inconstienta pura, daca nu direct de prostie.

Political catastrophe in Romania

22 years after the fall of communism, the heirs of communism - it's USL - win elections. Difficult times will come for all Romanians. And when you think that everything is "only" because we have a really poor school here. In all these years we learned nothing: reformists have always received fewer votes and most of their majorities have always been fragile, and now, its majesty, the people, got angry and wants back to communism, back to the mugging, he wants the justice back under control.
In the economic crisis, the electing of left-wing politicians, that is people who only know to share poverty is irresponsible if not a very stupid thing.


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