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Thursday, December 13, 2007

running - first snow this year

temperature: -1 -- 1 C deg.
target zone: 150-
time in the target zone: 62'45"
distance studied (i.e. hard intensity zone): 16 km
time in the hard intensity zone: 85'
total time: 116'10" (warm up and cool down included, they were about 15' + 13' minutes)
maximum HR: 159
distance: 20 km (evaluated by using Google Earth: the foot pod was dead because the battery was too low)
starting hour: 15:20 (starting time in the field)

The short portion -- of 2 or 3 kilometers -- of the path with a muddy soil was very demanding: all the rest of the route is a very good one, with grass. Now I experience some problems, because during the running I had a little muscle strain at the adductor of the left ankle. So, I did the main effort on the right foot, and now, I have some pain in the (right) tendon again. I am not sure if I could run on Saturday.

An hour after I have finished my run , it was snowing heavily and blowing a cold wind.


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