Science is the best thing we can do. And I think it is better for men to seek order in a chaotic manner instead to study chaos in an orderly fashion.

Monday, December 24, 2007

more and more complex

Think of a being which could learn all contemporary mathematics, say, in a month. Of course, it could not be a human, at least not the human as we know it today. Then, such a being would be able, perhaps, to use of the most simple truths somehow without the awareness we usually need.
If you say that this kind of living thing could not exist, think a little closer to the difference between us and other superior animals, to that difference which makes us able to use the language.
You could think further, imagining that there is a kind of complex gene mutation which could raise, at beginning, a little population of such creatures. To these beings, we, the humans, would be vestigial. What would be our future in this case, if it could be one?


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