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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Why no science on this blog in the later time?

Today someone interpellated me on another site saying that my blog has no connection with its subject. I am ready to accept his/her observation, although I really think that it is more important to do science by myself than to write about it on a blog. In any case, when I have a difficult time focusing on my scientific goals, my blog must wait for inspiration.
Indeed, writing daily about science is a difficult task -- especially because my native language is Romanian and writing in English is still demanding for me, requiring a time which I not have it --, but I do not blame others for my lack of time, skills, ideas or spirit. Further to that, though I will reflect more on this issue I still think that a bilingual blog is not a very good idea.
When I have nothing important to say about science, or when the subject which I have in my mind is too vast to record it, I confine myself to the running issues and experience, and I think this is better than to write nothing.
Remember, a blog is not a book, and I have not a contractual relation with any editor, and much the less an obligation of any kind to anyone else.


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